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loukku's and cj's quite remarkable entry cough June 02, 2004

Shame on you, Mr. Prince

I just finished reading The Essential Machiavelli by Paul Strathern.

As we all know, Machiavelli was the funny Italian fellow who wrote The Prince, a book that has had a wide audience also amongst tyrants and politicians for centuries. Mr. Strathern analyzes mostly The Prince (only a bit Machiavelli's other pieces) and does that by setting the context of the analysis in the 15th century Italy. Interesting stuff, I gotta say. Those were grazy times and so were the people. Nowadays people are wise.

Machiavelli was a politician/courtsman who got his 15 mins of fame but was later discarded by the rulers of his home town Florence. Due to that, Machiavelli got pissed of and wrote a manual for princes giving them instructioins on how to stay in power for as long as possible. Niccolo's (Machiavelli) personal and propably the most important motive for writing the grim tutorial was his desire to get back into politics and exert power. It failed.

So, the book that has been the favourite of Benito Mussolini and many other dictators is a book written out of self pity.

Gongratulations, tyrants. Please, start blogging instead. Read Kysyn vaan on a weekly basis and be happy and feel proud about yourself.

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